It has been interesting for me to hear people referring to me as a therapist. I know that I have graduated with my degree in it. I know that I am provisionally licensed by the state of Wyoming. I know that I have a full caseload… but to hear it, is totally different. I was in supervision with Rose yesterday, and let me tell you, she is the best. She is encouraging, helpful, and is teaching me so much. She is able to point things out to me that I never would have noticed. She is able to tell me what I need to hear. She says that I am doing good work and that I am a good therapist.

I have also heard that from a clients mother. She made me tear up a little. She is moving, so next week is the last time I will be seeing her. I have been seeing her since September. Almost a year. The progress she has made is amazing. She is one of my favorite clients and I love talking about her and the progress she has made.

I love what I do. I love being a counselor. I love working with children. I am glad I am able to do what I do.


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