I have thought long about this topic. When I was younger and growing up, I always thought my life was to get married and have babies. I thought that I needed to be a mother. If someone asked me if I wanted kids, I kind of scoffed and said yes and wondered to myself, why are they asking me?! Of course, I’m supposed to have kids. That thought stayed with me for a while. The more that I was asked that and auto replied, the more I really started to think about it. I honestly don’t know if I want to have children. Who am I to bring a child into the world? What if I don’t want that sort of responsibility? What happens if I have a child and he/she is incredibly screwed up for the rest of his/her life?

I hate when people ask me that question now. I respond with something like “no I don’t want kids.” Or “I am not sure if I want kids.” I always get the same responses. “You would be such a such a good mother.” Or “kids are such a blessing/kids are so cute.” It is really uncomfortable. Why can’t we be ok with women and men choosing not to have children? Why must a woman be born just to have children?


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